Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Hunt?

California Waterfowl has put out a thought-provoking video, "Why Hunt" " promote greater understanding of hunting's place in a healthy and balanced ecosystem and to help hunters explain how hunting intimately connects us to our environment, especially through the food we eat and share with others".

Friday, May 1, 2009

Opening day for Spring Turkey...

Wild Turkey opens today in Seneca County. DEC has excellent information on Turkey hunting, including all the rules and regs. The above photo is from the National Wild Turkey Federation (Stephen Bauer), which also offers helpful information about turkeys, including conservation efforts and recipes. Wild turkey is an excellent source of lean protein. The leg meat can be quite tough, but the breast meat is tender and abundant.

Take advantage of the warm weather and try your turkey on the grill. After breasting the turkey, rinse off the breast, pierce it all over with a fork and marinate it overnight in Italian dressing. Then grill. You may want to put some horseradish mayonnaise and cheddar cheese on the top for the last few minutes of grilling (that gourmet hint is courtesy of Keith Tidball). Enjoy!