Friday, October 29, 2010

Venison was highlighted at the Finger Lakes Cork and Fork local food event a duck recipe...

Over the weekend of October 22/23, Seneca County's Chamber of Commerce put on a great local food event, Finger Lakes Cork and Fork, featuring local food and wine, plus chef pairings to over 1,000 guests. The Wild Harvest Table was invited to participate with a display table and as one of seven chef demonstrations, making Venison "Veal" Cutlets paired with Standing Stone winery's 2007 Pinnacle wine. About 60 people were at the venison demonstration, ranging from wild game enthusiasts to "not sure if they like game". Many of the "not sure they liked wild game" people tried the venison cutlets and really liked the flavor. The chef from the DiVine Restaurant at the Hotel Clarence, which was recently awarded a four star rating, tried the venison (three times) and said it was "excellent!". Archery season for deer is in full swing now along with the rut, so hopefully you can serve this local food delicacy on your table soon!

A well-known local chef, Sam Izzo of Simply Red Bistro at Sheldrake Point, made a delicious braised duck at the Cork and Fork event with farm raised duck, yet it would work well with wild mallard or black duck. Duck season opened Oct 23 and runs through December 6th and reopens December 26th to January 9th in Seneca County. Check with NYS DEC for the season dates in other parts of NY. Below is Chef Izzo's duck recipe. Enjoy!

Chef Samantha Izzo of Simply Red Bistro at Sheldrake Point

Braised Duck with Sweet & Sour Cabbage

Wine: Pinot Noir from Sheldrake Point Winery

Feature Food: Duck

Serves 4

The Duck


1 4-5 pound duck, cleaned and left whole with skin on

1 cup prunes

1 tart apple

¼ cup oil

sprinkle of salt and pepper


Preheat oven 450 degrees. Place duck on rack in a roasting pan. Fill the cavity with the apples and prunes. Sprinkle with oil and salt and pepper. Roast Duck for 25 minutes. Reduce oven temp to 350 degrees. Continue to roast about 1hour and 15 minutes. Allow duck to cool and remove the skin, pull off all the duck meat . You can pull off the cavity and keep to one side.

The Braised Cabbage


2 tbsps oil

1 small chef onion sliced

1 tart apple sliced

8 cups of red cabbage sliced really thin

2 cups cider vinegar

½ cup cane sugar

1 tsp celery seed

1 cup thick slab bacon sliced

1 tsp salt

2 cups fennel sliced


Place all ingredients in a pot and simmer for an hour on medium heat. Add the duck meat to the braised cabbage and reheat slightly. Served topped with sour cream and chives.

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